Welcome to Brixton Neighbourhood Forum

The forum for community groups and individuals in the Brixton Area

We are a formally constituted association of community groups and local people to:
(i) further the social, economic and environmental well-being of individuals living, or wanting to live, in the Area; and
(ii) promote the carrying on of trades, professions or other businesses in the area.

Our main activity in 2015/16 is to be a meeting point of local community groups to support matters of common interest, facilitate community activities through Lambeth Forum Network funding opportunities, and to be formally designated as a Neighbourhood Forum under the provisions of the Localism Act.

Some of us are new, some of us go back a long way, all of us care about Brixton

From the times of Brixton hosting the first purpose built department store and electric street lighting in the UK, to the plans to demolish the entire town centre in the 1960’s, and the constant social change, Brixton has always been on the move.

The Brixton Neighbourhood Forum has direct roots in productive community activism arising from the environmental threats of the 1960’s and 70’s, the social upheaval and uprisings of the 1980’s, and the constructive and healing initiatives of the 90’s and 00’s.

Our more immediate roots go back to the Brixton Area Forum and subsequent Brixton Stakeholders Group, in which Lambeth supported continuing contact between community and policymakers. In recent years, this was no longer undertaken, and a number of unpopular ‘top down’ initiatives – sometimes undercutting or even masquerading as examples of ‘bottom-up’ co-working – have been imposed. There is a real danger of people’s ambitions and aspirations being smothered again.

Brixton is exceptionally well endowed with a wide range of active and passionate community groups working on many projects, some with a national profile. At the same time, the amount of ‘small-print’ with the flux of the Localism Act, Big Society, National Planning Framework and Lambeth’s Co-operative council initiative can be mind-boggling for all concerned. The Forum aims to identify the opportunities as well as the challenges, bringing people together to be fully informed, discuss and coordinate action.


Councils, governments, and their policies come and go, but we are always here.

Current elected officers

Devon Thomas, Lambeth Enterprise | Stuart Horwood, Brixton Market Traders Federation | Alan Piper, Brixton Society | Nicholas Weedon, Friends of Windmill Gardens



We usually meet several times a year.

Our first meeting in 2016 took place on 28th January in which we heard inspirational speakers on dealing with knife crime, mental health

and an enterprising public toilet campaign.


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Participants in recent meetings represent these organisations


Acre Lane Residents Association  |  Brixton Blog  |  http://www.brixtonblog.com/  |  Brixton Business Forum  |  Brixton Market Traders Federation

http://www.brixtonmarket.net/  |  Brixton Green  |  http://www.brixtongreen.org/  |  Brixton Society  |  http://www.brixtonsociety.org.uk

Friends of Windmill Gardens  |  http://www.brixtonwindmill.org  |  Makerhood Brixton  |  http://brixton.makerhood.com/  |  Lambeth Enterprise

London Creative Labs  |  http://londoncreativelabs.com/  |  Loughborough Junction Action Group  |  http://loughboroughjunction.wordpress.com

Herne Hill Forum  |  http://www.hernehillforum.org.uk/  |  Streatham Society  |  http://www.streathamsociety.org.uk/  |  Transition Town Brixton  | 

And many more…