Knife Crime Resources

If you are being affected by the continuing problem of knife crime, and are not sure of what help there is, we are aware of a number of initiatives that take varied approaches to breaking the vicious cycle. If you know of any more, please let us know so we can add them:

Justice for Luther Edwards

Abianda – Working with young women affected by gangs

Art Against Knives – Supporting young people at risk of violent crime

Growing Against Violence – Protection, prevention, partnership

London Village Network – Access to positive role models

Pye Project – Enabling positive attitudinal and behavioural changes

Super Kids Trust – Working with young offenders, those who struggle with drugs and victims of child sex exploitation

Dwaynamics Boxing Club – and a lot more – Angell Town

Block Workout in Angell Town

The “official” line, explaining policies and useful advice:
Metropolitan Police – Stop and Search Policy
Metropolitan Police – Knife crime policy